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Erectus the Game is a free-to-play strategy-focused empire builder MMO about our history. The game is currently available in three different languages - Dutch, English and German. Register now and play for free at ! Have fun!



Imagine the existence of a time machine that could instantly transport you a good 130,000 years into the past. Imagine you’d have the courage to actually use it. You would bear witness to the one event to which we all thank our lives…



Maata is a Dutch company established in 2013 in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Its roots can be found in the combination of marketing and history. Maata’s team is working from two locations: Arnhem, The Netherlands and Davao, Philippines.


Bridging the world by playing together

Maata believes that people who play together will have a better understanding of each other, learn faster, and can make more of their lives. For example, during the Olympic Games that occured during the Cold War in the eighties, you could see athletes from the east and west becoming friends. Today look at children from different nationalities playing football on a beach during vacation which leads to new friendships. Maata has developed the Erectus concept, a tale of the origin of mankind. The Erectus concept contains online games, real life events and in the near future there will be other features such as books, movies and merchandise. The Erectus concept is about playing, learning and communicating together all over the world. The Internet provides us with the opportunity; Erectus gives us the reason to play all together.



The first game title of Maata is called Erectus the Game. It is a free-to-play strategy-focused empire builder MMO set in a historical environment where the player takes part in a conflict between the Homo sapiens and Homo erectus. The objective of Erectus the Game is to create your own empire, build a powerful army and eventually defeat and capture the cruel king of the Erectus. The endgame is the final stage of a gameworld in Erectus. During the endgame volcanoes on the map will become active as the Erectus king starts his ritual.




Erectus the Game is an improved version of an existing product. The development and introduction of Erectus in the market has been divided into two phases. We developed a first version of the game in which we could test all the key functions. With the help of the players we were able to make many improvements and eventually start with the development of version 2 of the game. Version 2 is going to be not only playable on laptop and PCs but also on mobile devices. The release is expected to be in Q4 2017.



Developer: Maata Games BV
based in Arnhem,  The Netherlands


Founding date: May 2013



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Address: Stationsplein 3,
6811 KG  Arnhem The Netherlands


Phone: +31 26 3030010

  • Description


    Maata Games is a Dutch company established in 2013 in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Its roots can be found in the combination of marketing and history. Through Erectus the game, Maata aims to reach millions of people all over the world. Erectus is fun, but also gives its players an understanding of where we humans came from and an understanding of our origin. This concept of learning while playing, will give people the opportunity to develop, play other roles than in daily life and get to know other people in different parts of the world. We think everyone should have this experience.


    In the near future Maata wants to connect the online world of Erectus the game with the real life world through events, movies and other features.

  • History


    The founders of Maata Games are Paul Ludwig and Alet Roesink.  The main offices are located in Arnhem, NL which is responsible for marketing and design, and in Davao, PH which is responsible for the programming of the game. In order to finance the project Paul and Alet promoted the company to investors to get the required funds. Additionally a crowdfunding campaign was started to raise money for international brand protection of the word Erectus, the name of the game. Since then the first version of Erectus the Game was released in late 2016 paving the way for an improved and mobile friendly version of the game.

  • The first product


    Erectus takes its players back in time, about 130,000 years.

    Back then, the Homo sapiens and Homo erectus lived alongside one another. The players will be able to pick one of the 4 available Homo sapiens races and are given a starting village on the map, from there a advisor will instruct and guide them through the first stages of the game. Players will be building their first city during the first few minutes of play. This city will be the base from which the player builds the rest of his/her empire.

    The process of building an empire has been recreated as “true to life” as possible, it is filled with obstacles and pitfalls that the player will have to keep in mind. One example of this is the need to build up a sizeable civilization, as a small civilization means you won’t be able to build up an army.

    Another important aspect is your economy. Players can obtain silver in a multitude of ways, one of which is through taxes. The height of your taxes is entirely up to the player though care should be taken not to set them too high, otherwise the citizens will become angry and rebellious. Another factor to keep in mind is that no civilization enjoys living in an empire that is constantly at war with other rulers, though successful battles do tend to go hand in hand with spoils which the citizens are always happy to have.


    Erectus is filled with economic, military and management features; both social and strategic. The kinds of decisions that rulers like Charles the Great had to make in their time will now have to be made by the players of Erectus.

    The player is able to micromanage his empire at all times, allowing for an optimal game plan at all times. By making the correct decisions in a constantly shifting and changing world the players will be able to expand their empires and lead their people to greatness.

    Until the Erectus arrive, that is.


    The Erectus is the race “played” by the game, and eventually the ever-growing empires of the Sapiens will start to look very threatening to the Erectus, at which point they will start to attack the players.

    The game changes drastically once the Erectus arrive. The players will have to stop fighting amongst themselves and form alliances in order to work together and fight back against the Erectus armies.


Paul Ludwig - CEO/creative director

Alet Ludwig-Roesink - Managing partner

Gerrit Koolstra - Game artist

Aafke Teunissen - Front end graphical design and video editing

Tom Schollen - The voice of Erectus

Alex Tavasolli - Game artist

Bomar Sinday - Senior web developer/teamleader

Dustin Ramirez - Senior gamedeveloper/teamleader

Eugene Maning - Development operations engineer

Carlo Dinopol - Intermediate gamedeveloper

Matt Custorio - Junior webdeveloper

Hanz Certifico - Junior webdeveloper

Fatima Valguna -  Site Operations Manager

Jacky Mueller - customer relations

Isabelle Tanahatoe - junior game artist


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Logo Erectus the game


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